Ádám Gerencsér

A pragmatic idealist and faithful Catholic, my buttons to press for the spontaneous generation of enthusiasm include theology and metaphysics, science and transhuman progress (not to be confused with transhumance), board games, analogue books and digital media, martial arts and geopolitics, among various other contradictory concepts.

By day I inhabit the present, proudly working for the most ambitious project of applied utopia in our time: the European Union. By night I dwell on the past (incl. alternate versions thereof) and scout the future, mostly with my closest mind-mate, who by a fortunate coincidence also happens to be my wife.

As you may have guessed, I am a nerd. So much so that when, for instance, I wanted to read a comprehensive guide to Hungarian alternate history and realised that it didn’t exist, I wrote one (in English, c.f. Revista Hélice, vol. III. no. 6., followed up 5 years later by a sequel in SFRA Review, vol. 52. no. 1.).

Alas, I don’t have a non-binary gender identity, fancy pet-keeping habit, whimsically nihilistic hobby or any other badge of ostentatious progressiveness. Fortunately, I got daughters whose boundless imagination makes up for some of these shortcomings. May we dream up futures for their generation that are worth living in.