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Cartographers by Benjamin Le Gros

CARTOGRAPHERS Benjamin Le Gros When the breeding programme began, mankind had only reached the nearest edges of our solar system. We hadn’t yet calculated the algorithms necessary to account for astral drift. We lost forty-three ships before Dr Schreiber’s breakthrough. The costs were staggering. My first encounter with one of the cartographers happened over four… Keep Reading

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Nature or Nurture? Time Tells by John Kaniecki

NATURE OR NURTURE? TIME TELLS John Kaniecki “I must condemn your utter contempt for ethics,” Rejeck the research director blasted away in furious contempt. Doctor Ols and Doctor Hines nervously turned to one another. The empty looks and fearful stares portrayed the nervous contents of their minds. “However,” Rejeck continued in calm words, “I must… Keep Reading

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Life of Orpheus by Carl Grafe

LIFE OF ORPHEUS Carl Grafe Orpheus. They call me Orpheus. The asteroid had felt the weight of the shuttle displacing its particles, the slight increase in mass subtly changing its gravity. It had felt the pricks of the tools chipping away at its surface, and then deeper, down into its core–taking samples. The asteroid felt… Keep Reading

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Cycle Within Cyles by Darrel Duckworth

CYCLES WITHIN CYCLES Darrel Duckworth The End had come. The universe was dead. No more galaxies shining in the darkness. No walls of stars or glowing nebulae. The stars, long cold, had been swallowed and processed by the black holes. The black holes, sated to quantum-endonic equilibrium in a universe with nothing left to consume,… Keep Reading

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New Appliances by Brandon McNulty

NEW APPLIANCES Brandon McNulty Seven A.M. brought sunshine and the usual droning from beside the couple’s bed. A young boy named Alarm sat atop the nightstand, blinking wildly and functioning in the only way he could. “ALARM—ALARM—ALARM,” he said. On the bed below lay a thirty-year-old woman and a man passing for her husband. They… Keep Reading

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Asha by David E. Seaman

ASHA David E. Seaman The ambulance came to a stop at the small town Midwestern ED doors. A doctor waited for Zach to be removed from the vehicle. So did others: people in suits, men and women, representatives and technicians for American Therapeutic Corp. Zach could smell the humidity in the cold spring morning air.… Keep Reading

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Javi and Parma by Ellen Denton

JAVI AND PARMA Ellen Denton From the Galaxapedia, Volume III Chapter XIV: “Members of the Wakinian race are born as two connected entities and remain that way through life. A thick, six-foot-long braid of fatty tissue connects the two bodies, allowing each some leeway of movement; the joined pair can work or otherwise operate in… Keep Reading

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Actus Reus by Patrick McPhee

ACTUS REUS Patrick MacPhee “Mrs. Davidson, is that man in this courtroom?” “H-he is,” stuttered a middle-aged woman, who sat up awkwardly in the witness stand. She averted her eyes and pointed a thin, shaking finger towards the defence team. The room erupted in a cacophony of flash photography (the judge had already tried to… Keep Reading

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Wrong Cat by Christian Roberts

WRONG CAT Christian Roberts Once upon a time there lived in Roswell, New Mexico a family of cats. I say “family” in the figurative sense because they weren’t related by blood, but had been rescued over the years by a kind woman with long gray hair. Cats, as you may know, have a peculiar compulsion… Keep Reading

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UniMail by Ellen Denton

UNI-MAIL Ellen Denton The gigantic transmitting stations, rising up like behemoths from stretches of windswept sand, were the only signs that life had ever existed on the planet. When the Star-Rover’s communication equipment first picked up the faint, computerized call for help, it was coming from so far away, it was an event in itself… Keep Reading

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The Yellow Flag by Lou Antonelli

THE YELLOW FLAG Lou Antonelli The four-wheel drive vehicle rocked to a stop. “This is the end of the road,” said Chris. “I thought the road ended about five miles back there,” snarked Pete. “I mean, even this rig can’t keep going,” said Chris. “Besides, this is the middle of the Haunted Prairie. And it’s… Keep Reading

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