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Love Guaranteed by T.C. Powell

LOVE GUARENTEED T.C. Powell Rannie finally reached the front of the customer service line. Behind the counter stood a tall gentleman wearing a video-tie that displayed Love Guaranteed ads in a loop. “Make virtual reality your reality,” they read. “Love guaranteed or your money back.” “I’d like my money back,” Rannie told the clerk. The… Keep Reading

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Couch with a Labrador by Shauna O'Meara

COUCH, WITH A LABRADOR Shauna O’Meara What Garry didn’t expect, as he affixed the cap of electrodes to the dog’s shaved cranium and took up the ham sandwich from the bench beside him, was for the translation box’s first words to be, “Are you going to eat all of that?” Garry dropped the sandwich. The… Keep Reading

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Pterodactyl Sparks by Matthew Hance

PTERODACTYL SPARKS Matthew Hance Excerpt from the short story He was a Cannibal by Martin Twang followed by comments from his writing group. Pterodactyl Sparks, at three months old, knew. He knew his mother was going to get hit by a bus on July 3rd. He knew she would be dead. And he knew he… Keep Reading

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Forbidden by Preston Denton

FORBIDDEN Preston Dennett “Jason! You’re late,” Merriweather barked, as he flung my jacket onto a chair and impatiently ushered me to the sitting room. I wondered why he had called me there. Presumably, it was because we were colleagues and he needed my professional opinion as a nanotechnologist. “Not by choice,” I said. “The traffic… Keep Reading

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Mr Cranky by David Stevens

MR CRANKY David Stevens A pause before the blackness. As he leaned back on the pillow, he had an image of row after row of shelves lining a mauve wall that stretched on forever, each armed with a horizontal bar for two-handed gripping. Too late to register on his consciousness, he would not recall the… Keep Reading

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New World Symphony by Anne E. Johnson

NEW WORLD SYMPHONY Anne E. Johnson The Beethoven sounded fine. Maria set her cello on its side in front of her chair and went into the kitchen for a glass of water. She’d been practicing for two hours already, but the concert was tonight and she wanted to feel confident. Her husband, Steve, was at… Keep Reading

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Anacyclosis by Brian Niemeier

ANACYCLOSIS Brian Niemeier Kob Agur strained to see behind the red circle that gamboled upon his screen’s starry backdrop, but distance obscured his target. He eased his magnaframe forward with the left control stick and kept the red dot centered with fine movements of the right. Sweat moistened the palms of his gloves. Kob’s computer,… Keep Reading

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Flipouts by Barry Rosenberg

FLIPOUTS Barry Rosenberg The brain was a walnut? Leo turned his school book this way and that. But no matter how he looked at it, the cortex looked like the two highly convoluted halves of a giant walnut. Beneath the diagram, the text declared that the left hemisphere was logical and analytical while the right… Keep Reading

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Infinite Boyfriends by Marie Vibbert

INFINITE BOYFRIENDS Marie Vibbert Nick the First My boyfriend, Nick, never approved of Stacey, or as he called her, “your friend the mad scientist.” He wasn’t being fair. It was true she lived in an abandoned observatory stuffed full of experimental equipment of her own design, but she made it cozy, draped the Victorian gothic… Keep Reading

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