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Pitch Tag!

A colleague at work introduced me to an interesting new game Pitch Tag. A game normally played with two people, although I see no reason why it wouldn’t scale up.
In the original version of Pitch Tag one player suggests a title for a board game and then the other player must flesh out the idea and come up with a short pitch to sell the idea of the game. Once the pitch is complete the player then comes up with his own title and the first player must come up with a pitch to describe that game. Rinse and repeat till you get tired of it.
My colleague and I have been playing it via email at work and using computer games instead of board games. So far we have had pitches for games such as, “Dawn of the Blood Pixies”, “C’thulu’s Lemonade Stand”, “The Falling Tree” and “The Sheep of Solitude”. I’m not sure if I should be concerned that the first two are mine, or that I would probably play them!
Perhaps we should try a game of this, pitching story ideas on our new Facebook Group.