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So, given how much of a pain the forum software is turning out to be and the amount of time I have to look at, does anybody else think something like a members facebook group would be a better choice for discussion?


    • That is the trade off. On the upside, someone else manages all the infrastructure.
      No need to rely on my busted out of date IT skills

        • Whatever gets commentated on goes to the top of the list while older staler stuff moves down the list progressively.
          It isn’t perfect but it has the advantage of being hosted at Facebook as a Facebook group, so people can find the magazine that way too.
          I suppose I should just bite the bullet and try it and see how it goes.

    • I don’t know 🙁
      I think I will move it over to a facebook group tonight. It would be nice to run my own forum but getting facebook to handle that part of it is probably simpler.
      I wonder if I could add a “secret code” to the end of the magazine and make the code the requirement to register to join the group?

  1. I suppose you could do that, since ebooks can be updated or redownloaded. Can you have password-protected groups in Facebook? As far as I can tell, you can have public groups, closed groups and secret groups. A closed group looks to be what you’d want, so people can find it easily without automatically being able to join. You’d have to have a description that tells people to ask to join with the code in their request.

  2. Of course another possibility might be to ask for a subforum in an existing forum community, such as a guest section at Theologyweb, since some people don’t like facebook.

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