Expanded submission guidelines

I’ve decided to expand the submission guidelines and you can expect the official ones to be updated shortly but I thought i’d mention them here first and see if anybody had any feedback on them.
First up, i’m interested in accepting flash fiction, I’ve received a couple of pieces of it recently and they have been great. So I will accept stories down as short as you would like to go. I got a submission that was a wonderful piece of sci phi and it was 290 words. So please feel free to submit. On the other end of the spectrum, if you have pieces longer than 4000 words that is fine, but please keep in mind that my standing policy is to limit payments to 5000 words, so if you are happy to accept $250 for the submission, longer is fine. Please pitch serials before submitting though.
Second, on genres. I’ve been asked about things other than Science Fiction, the answer is yes, probably. The Phi part of Sci Phi is more important than the Sci part. So if you would like to try it, please do, but it needs the philosophical “big idea” content. I’d suggest you pitch ideas that are outside of the science fiction genre (science fiction understood very broadly, hard, soft, space opera, alt history, time travel, etc) but feel free to submit away.
In terms of payments, the policy I have adopted but I don’t think was made explicit was, 5c a word (up to 5k words) and I plan to pay a bonus equal to the original payment if the issue sells 5000 issues within 90 days of the original publication date. I haven’t sold that number yet, so I wouldn’t count on the bonus payment, but it is an incentive to help publicize it and if an issue sells well, I do think it is good to reward those who help get the issue to that point.
Hope this helps.

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