Would you like the magazine in a paper edition?

I don’t know how much interest there is in a physical copy of the magazine as opposed to only doing electronic editions. So i’d like to solicit some feedback from people.
Is it possible to do a print on demand version of the magazine via something like CreateSpace, so you can get a paper version of the magazine if you want. I’m not sure how much extra work it would be to create a version of the magazine to make a CreateSpace version but it is probably manageable if people would want this.
Please let me know in the comments. Would you like a paper version of the magazine and how much more would you be willing to pay for it?


  1. Paper magazines are tricky to sell these days. I do hope that the collections and “best of” eventually become available in a paperback form. I’d like to have that on my bookshelf.

  2. They would just be print on demand copies. If some people wanted it, unless it was another 30 hours of work I wouls t mind doing it.
    The best of will definitely be in paper.

    • Malcolm,
      Would you pay twice the price plus shipping? At a rough guess that is what it would cost to createspace POD physical copies.
      IF you are keen I will see what I can do, but that would be the reality. It would probably be $7.99 for the issue.

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