First Readers, Issue #5 and more news


So first up, thank you everybody who has responded to the request for first readers. I’ve got a few now so the processing of the submissions pile should speed up considerably. Thank you everybody for your patience. I don’t think I need any more first readers for the time being but I could use help with editing and proof reading if people are interested.
The submission process will also be changing, we will be moving to using a submission system based on the Mantis Bug Tracker. It is currently setup as a bug tracking system, but the work flow matches submission tracking and as soon as I work out how to relabel some of the categories it will work perfectly. Best of all, authors will be able to track their submissions and see comments on it from first readers if they like.
finally, Issue #5 is coming together and I will be releasing teaser art in the new few days. Cat Leonard> has done more of her amazing work for the issue and the stories and articles in this issue will fire your imaginations.

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