So a whole slew of news items.
First up, and most importantly, we are still running the competition to choose a name for our hero in Ben Zwycky’s serial, Beyond the Mist. It is not to late to enter so please get your submission in today! Details can be found at the end of his story in issue #6!
Also, we’ve had some feedback on a story in Issue #4, some comments about a particular passage. I’d like to assure readers I don’t plan to run a story with a graphic image like that in it again. I’m aiming in a relatively family friendly direction. I liked the story so I left that part in, in hindsight I probably should have exercised editorial discretion and asked it to be reworked. I’m releasing a slightly reworked edition of issue #4. Nothing substantive changed just the paragraph omitted and worked around. It makes the story PG-13 like I would prefer so I think the change is ok.
I know a number of people have been contacted about things going into the “final read by the editor” pile. I’ve read about 70% of those at this point and i’m just holding off on sending a whole bunch of emails. So expect answers shortly. For those with things still in the queue, the first readers are working on them, so we will get there.
Finally, the project to produce an anthology is still in the works, I’ve just been a bit snowed under. After some costing, it looks like I will need to raise about $5000 to buy 100,000 words at 5c a word and pay everybody up front. I don’t have this sort of money so the plan is to organize a kick starter to try to cover the costs. If anybody is interested in making some sort of private donation to cover some of it, please let me know, and I will take my chances with a kick starter. Cat has promised us some sci phi original art work for bigger donors.

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