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So things continue to progress. Issue #7 is coming together ahead of schedule and II am actually ahead on planning future issues. The submission pile continues to be worked through, thanks everybody for your patience and the first readers continue to do a great job. I had some health problems over the last couple of weeks which slowed down my reading but I seem to be getting on top of that.
It seems the reviewer at Tangent Online didn’t much care for the stories in Issue #6 of Sci Phi, it wasn’t whizz bang kapow enough for him apparently. That’s alright, I know Sci Phi isn’t for everybody and i’m still learning in all of this, and the review wasn’t all negative so I can’t complain.
The much mentioned but only slowly progressing Sci Phi Reader is starting to come together too. I’m still planning to organize a kick starter for it to raise the money to pay the authors, with details to follow. I have to make a video to go with it, does anybody have any tips on that? I’ve lined up some good rewards and will see what I can do about more. Stay tuned for more on this front.
If you would like to help the magazine out please spread the word and write a review a Amazon if you enjoy it!

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