The schedule to look forward to


The plan for Sci Phi Journal is to have 2 new items each week, a free item on Mondays and a subscriber only item on Fridays. There will also be book reviews and short films posted on Thursdays on alternating weeks and general news and updates posted on Tuesdays. When the patronage grows sufficiently I will add items on the Wednesdays.
All current subscribers should have an email from sci phi journal about how to activate your account. If you haven’t received it or you would like a different username or some other correction please contact

If you are a subscriber and you are logged in then you should be able to see this message. Thanks for subscribing and im looking forward to the future and I hope you are too!


  1. The Patron page says that the charges will be per issue. What exactly will an issue constitute? I’m trying to discern what that means in the context of your subscriber-only stories and such.

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