So the launch of the first item seemed to go well yesterday. It’s available now and I hope everybody enjoyed it. For those waiting on replies to emails or news about stories submitted, I am behind but will be in a position to get back to it now.
I hope everybody enjoyed “A Meeting on Infinite Stairs” and the first paid item will be from Edward M. Lerner, a story called “To Catch a Falling Star”. Expect to see that out Friday. If you have any feedback on the new format please leave a comment or shoot me an email It’s still not too late to subscribe for Fridays item!
Finally some exciting news, Sci Phi Journal scored three entries on the Tangent Online 2015 Recommended Reading List with “The Frankenstein Project”, “Shell Game” and “A Bottle of Red Zinfandel”. Which for our first year of running is pretty exciting.

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