A few different peices of news this week. First up, I hope you are enjoying the stories and articles. I’m working towards adding an article and removing a story a month (so the split is 6/2 instead of 7/1). I’d like feedback on this idea if you have any.
Additionally, people are waiting on final answers on stories, I am making progress on reading stories and have feedback to send out on a lot of them. I will get to that in the next few days, i’m working through the pile. Thanks everybody for their patience on this front.
The digest for this month will go out later in the week and I will be adding a digest section to the website so you can get the old digests as well.
Tangent Online has written a review of January’s collection of stories and the reviewer liked it, which is always a good sign. Also Vox Day put Sci Phi Journal on his list of Best Semipro-zines in his totally not a slate list. Nobody has asked me to repudiate the nomination at this point and honestly, that makes me feel a little left out.
Unrelated, but because it was fun, Chris Ray Gun has a fun video up called Social Justice The Musical and I really enjoyed it.

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