There is a bit of news to report this week. First up, I have read a few more of the short stories in my queue and I have gotten stories scheduled up to February 2017.
I have been busy getting the first quater bundled edition of Sci Phi Journal in order and that will be available on Amazon in print and ebook very soon. For regular Patrons ebook versions will be available and if you would like an ebook copy sent to your kindle let me know ASAP ( and I will be able to get that organised. For regular subscribers print copies are available as well at a discounted price so contact as well if you would like one of those, you will need to pay for shipping and a couple of dollars for the actual printing.
So I will announce as soon as those are available probably in the next couple of weeks. The ebook version is nearly ready now but the print version always takes a bit longer to finish because you have to check the formatting carefully.
I hope everybody is continuing to enjoy the magazine.

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