Exclusive Content in New Quarterly Digest

Subscribers to Sci Phi Journal can look forward to receiving their quarterly digests soon. The Q3 digest contains every story and article published on the website during July, August and September, plus two exclusive pieces that will not be found anywhere else:

  • a humorous short story by Hakim Akayour, entitled “The Department of Un-X-Pected Affairs”; and
  • a hard-hitting interview with Jason Rennie, former editor of Sci Phi Journal, which talks about his philosophical views and his relationships with some of the most controversial people in American science fiction.

The digest comes in the EPUB, Mobi and PDF formats, and will be emailed at the end of September to anyone with a valid subscription at that time. So if you have not yet subscribed to Sci Phi Journal, now would be a good time! Subscriptions cost just 4 US dollars per month; details of how to subscribe can be found here.
There is also a new perk for existing SPJ subscribers who use a Kindle, or have Kindle’s software installed on another gadget. Starting with this quarter, they can have the Sci Phi Journal digest sent directly to their device. Instead of needing to download files and then upload them to the Kindle, the digest will automatically appear in their Kindle’s carousel, on the day of its circulation. To take advantage, subscribers need to perform two steps:

  1. Add our email address – team {at} sciphijournal {dot} org – to the approved email list for your Amazon account (instructions here).
  2. Let us know the email address that Amazon has created for your device by completing this form.

Once both steps have been performed, all future digests – and other goodies – will be sent straight to the device, as well as to the subscriber’s regular email address.
Exclusive content, modern paperless methods for circulation, and lots of stories and articles written by clever people with a passion for philosophy and science… so why not subscribe? The team at Sci Phi Journal dares to imagine we will take philosophical science fiction to places it has never ventured before, and we want you along for the ride.

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