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Printing on paper is an old technology, but the final product has various advantages over modern alternatives. The interface of a magazine is both simple and intuitive, and you never need to worry about recharging a magazine’s battery. So whilst I think the future will see more people having electronic magazines delivered to their tablet, I also respect those of you who want to hold a printed copy of Sci Phi Journal in your hands. You can now order a paper version of the Sci Phi Journal Q3 2017 Digest from Createspace, the popular print-on-demand service.
Customers will receive 120 pages of stories and articles, including our digest-only exclusives, for just twelve bucks (or its equivalent in Pounds or Euros) plus postage. And those who have subscribed will enjoy an even better deal, because they can log on to Patreon and check our latest post for a discount code that allows them to purchase the magazine at cost.
You can buy your paper copy of Sci Phi Journal Q3 2017 from here.

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