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Op-eds about the intersections between science, philosophy, and science fiction.

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When Pain Doesn’t Hurt: A Lesson From Dune

by G. Scott Huggins In the wake of the building excitement surrounding Denis Villeneuve’s attempt to take on the filming of another incarnation of the novel Dune, which is one of my all-time favorite reads (and let us hope that he will be the director who finally realizes that there are NO GUNS IN THE… Keep Reading

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Does This Offend Thee?

by G. Scott Huggins This is a column with more questions than answers, I’m afraid, but one I feel needs to be written. Some background: some time ago, I asked a question on social media that boiled down to, “When is one justified in taking offense?” I didn’t get a lot of takers on that… Keep Reading

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The Day The Earth Still Stood

by G. Scott Huggins Every now and then, I see things so differently from other people, I wonder if I’ve gone insane. Can I really, I wonder, be that wrong? The Day The Earth Stood Still has got to be one of the most famous science-fiction films of all time. Klaatu and his robot, Gort,… Keep Reading

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On Confusing Science with Policy

A new series of opinion pieces on popular science and predicting the future begins by examining the arguments which propelled the recent 'March for Science'. If a solipsist cannot live his or her solipsism, do scientists really live by their scientific principles? Keep Reading

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