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A Struggle for Primacy by Brian Cato

A STRUGGLE FOR PRIMACY Brian Cato I can see him clearly through the window, John Walton, looking not a day over fifty. Revolting! Cloned flesh adhered to a metal skeleton, a computer brain inside. A stain upon all that is moral and pure. A man who thinks he is above death. I try to picture… Keep Reading

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The Philosopher Limitation by Y.X. Acs

THE PHILOSOPHER LIMITATION Y.X. Acs Doctor Mandalay was not a man given to indulging in illusions. He knew things broke and things went awry, no matter how well you planned. But despite this uncertainty, the necessity of the attempt was obvious, crucial, it would occur and had, in a sense, thus already come to pass.… Keep Reading

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Red Dwarf’s Inquisitor and Judgement Day by Ben Zwycky

[easyazon_image add_to_cart=”default” align=”right” asin=”B000GI3RZ6″ cloaking=”default” height=”160″ localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” src=”” tag=”superversivesf-20″ width=”152″] RED DWARF’S INQUISITOR AND JUDGEMENT DAY Ben Zwycky The popularity of Red Dwarf lies not only in its irreverent satire of classical science fiction tropes, great banter and interaction between the well-developed characters, but also in the genuine and often strong science… Keep Reading

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Upgrade by Axel Schwarz

UPGRADE Axel Schwarz Just before sunrise was always Sam’s favorite part of the day. His place wasn’t much—two-floor walk up, peeling paint, a moody oven—but it did have a view. The bedroom wall was one large piece of curved glass, and as he lay in bed he looked out over the smooth slope of the… Keep Reading

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That Day at Grandma's by Gregory L. Norris

THAT DAY AT GRANDMA’S Gregory L. Norris That morning, Shane said, “Mom, I’d like to spend today at Grandma’s.” His mother, who stood at the sink washing dishes, shot him a look through narrowed eyes. “You have school.” “School isn’t as important as Grandma Bernice. Besides, it’s almost my birthday.” Dishes clinked in the lime… Keep Reading

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Catch a Falling Star by Edward M. Lerner

CATCH A FALLING STAR Edward M. Lerner 2158 End over end, leisurely, the vaguely potato-shaped object rolled. Up close, the rock’s sunlit face shone brightly. As it tumbled, craters and rocky outcroppings materialized from and disappeared into pitch-black shadows. The apparent undulation of the surface was further complicated by the approaching ship’s own slow rotation,… Keep Reading

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The Meeting of Infinite Stairs by Christopher Alan

THE MEETING OF INFINITE STAIRS Christopher Alan During my ever-continuing travels upon these infinite stairs, which from some common experience or phenomena I take it we all come to understand more or less equally, my moment of surprise and all emotions within it came as I rose from the curvature below, and passed another traveler… Keep Reading

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