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Here you can find all of the stories that have been published on the SPJ website.

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The Persistence of Tim by Matthew F. Amati

The Persistence of Tim Matthew F. Amati I repair artificial spouses. My shingle reads “Synthi Repairs – No Questions Asked. We Fix Everything.” They make male Synthis, and they make female ones. Most are bought by the lonely, but too many, usually females, are purchased by the cruel. I fix many more female Synthis than… Keep Reading

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MegaCats by Jonathon Burgess

MEGACATS Jonathon Burgess Martin hated standing in line. At least a dozen others waited to use the bulky alien Maker-machine. They tapped their feet impatiently, wearing whatever had been handy when the news went out. Kids chattered in excitement, comparing their hand-drawn designs with all the excitement of Christmas arriving on a warm June morning.… Keep Reading

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Higher Powers by Lou Antonelli

HIGHER POWERS Lou Antonelli He read the label on the wall: “Warning: Maximum life support duration for escape pod: 72 hours.” It was now more than 80 hours since he fell into the pod as the ship decompressed. Reeves looked around. “Is there anybody out there?” he said softly. Running into a black string was… Keep Reading

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Nested by Wole Talabi

NESTED Wole Talabi You die. You awaken in a sterile, white room that looks like it has been painted in fifty shades of blank with a thousand different pigments of nothing. The vacuous starkness of it makes you uneasy, and you feel alien within yourself. You bring your hands up to your face and you… Keep Reading

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Fresh Frontiers, Inc by Jason Lairamore

FRESH FRONTIERS, INC Jason Lairamore “Dad, you don’t have to come. It’s just a ceremony where they hand you a piece of paper.” Evelyn, Gus Trenton’s daughter, talked like she didn’t want him to come to her doctoral graduation. He had spent a near fortune to help her reach this pinnacle of education. It had… Keep Reading

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Dressed in Black by Filip Wiltgren

DRESSED IN BLACK Filip Wiltgren Two-mom bends down so that her eyes are level with Rao’s. “We’re here, Rao,” she says in what Rao recognizes as her patient voice, “because she was your real-mom and we show respect.” “What’s resect?” Rao says. He wipes his nose on the sleeve of his boring, no-glow jacket. The… Keep Reading

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Grass is Grass by Luc Reid

GRASS IS GRASS Luc Reid The blades of grass clustered around the meeting stump, idle chatter melting away as a leaf of Kentucky Bluegrass called them to order. “Let’s get directly to the point,” said the Kentucky Bluegrass. (She-he didn’t have a name, since what would be the point? They were all Grass.) “How’s the… Keep Reading

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Rolli and Curve by James Fitzsimmons

ROLLI AND CURVE James Fitzsimmons “Do poachers know when they are killing intelligent life?” Dr. Jan Dobbs’ necklace translated aloud as she silently tapped the tip of her tongue to the roof of her mouth in code. Commander Paul Benevidez’ eyes glanced at Jan’s cleavage and then toured her skintight black dress. He refilled her… Keep Reading

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The Back of Stars by Jake Teeny

THE BACK OF STARS Jake Teeny Peter once read a very convincing article by a very prominent physicist explaining that we live within one universe of an infinity of universes. This fact both elated and depressed him. First, if there were an infinite number of universes, this meant that in a handful of them Peter… Keep Reading

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