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Do Not Disturb

DO NOT DISTURB A fireball roared past overhead just as Berens stumbled, almost falling to his knees. The hair on top of his head curled and crisped in the brief, blast-furnace heat. The fireball exploded far down the mountain path. The brief glare ahead outlined Kasparov in silhouette, the fluorescent letters IFAR big and bright… Keep Reading

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By the time I found her, she’d already removed one of her legs. Katherine gave me a weak smile, her eyes watering from pain despite how happy her self-amputations were making her, and continued sawing at the other. “I’m sorry,” she moaned over the sound of tearing flesh, her once-strong voice breaking. “I want this.… Keep Reading

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The Therapist and the Collider by Steven Mathes

THE THERAPIST AND THE COLLIDER Steven Mathes After years of traveling the back alleys of consciousness and logic, years of pulling the strings of pattern, years of squeezing through tunnels of paradox, my search for our only hope succeeds. The hut perches high in an ordinary mountainous guru neighborhood, and for me the door is… Keep Reading

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Shopping Centers by Karin Terebessy

SHOPPING CENTERS Karin Terebessy Dave leaned heavily on the display case. His nose so close to the glass he could smell his breath wafting back to him. Frozen yogurt. And beneath that, tacos. He jabbed a stubby finger down at the case. “What about that one?” The man behind the counter sighed. “Sir,” he implored… Keep Reading

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Optimized by James Bellinger

OPTIMIZED James Bellinger The small disk spun blindingly fast as it flew from metal hand to hand to hand around the tripod robot. The Iinterference patterns started to give Dasu a headache. The scan rate for the camera in the lab didn’t match that of the monitor the robot watched. “This is your star?” Dasu… Keep Reading

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Blood Singularity by Ben Wheeler

BLOOD SINGULARITY Ben Wheeler To be entirely fair to Zarthax 89 the Glorious, his plan was quite sound: Take a human, stick the warm-blooded fleshling thirty thousand years in the past, laugh at its plight and leave it to die. He had a time machine, ; Humans were perfectly legal to strand in the past… Keep Reading

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Recurrence by Peter Sean Bradley

RECURRENCE Peter Sean Bradley In my twenty-seventh life, I noticed the fly. I was proposing to Joanne, as always, in the French restaurant that I had thought was classy in my first life. I had pulled the ring out of my pocket and was giving it to her when a fly flew past my head,… Keep Reading

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There by Boomer Trujillo

THERE Boomer Trujillo He is. Or at least He sits. There. Two legs fewer than His stool, beard long and worn as the bar He leans on. There, His creative anxiety breathed it into existence. His desire to rest gave Him brew, which sits in a mug and the mug in a gnarled crater. The… Keep Reading

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The Granddaughter Paradox by Séamus Sweeney

THE GRANDDAUGHTER PARADOX Séamus Sweeney Chapter 1. Brendan McConnell’s morning began at 4.45 a.m. on a spring day in 2010. Between sleep and wakefulness for the whole night, as he realised the appointed time was nearing he willed himself fully awake. Penelope slept on beside him. When planning his actions that day, he had thought… Keep Reading

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