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Here you can find all of the stories that have been published on the SPJ website.

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So Be It

Allocation Day had arrived. Like everyone else, Amen put on his threadbare robes. He ate his meagre food, and, like everyone else, he had some free time to finalise his preparations. Amen went over the rules again: You have one reset button. You have three lives. Direct contact is not possible. Simple rules, but he knew from his lessons how important they were if one of the class was going to make a breakthrough. When everyone was ready, they filed into the pod arena where the grid matrix map of the universe hung suspended before them. Once all twenty-seven of them had taken their standing positions, the doors were sealed shut behind them. A tiny orange identification cube glowed off-centre. This little cube was their first sight of their new worlds. The suspended matrix of the universe map zoomed in Keep Reading

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Jeopardy ad Absurdum

The contamination of an innocent by an excised, malignant consciousness. The phrase popped into Weiss’ head as he drove to the Court. It had been expressed by Manning, his lawyer—his own lawyer—the day before. “You have to understand,” Manning had said, “there’s a subtext to this trial. It’s very unusual. Obviously. But the question is… Keep Reading

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The day came when Amos walked out across the flats, and the brine pools were gone. He stopped and stared around him, through the thin slit in the fabric he had wrapped round his head to protect him from the sun.  It was setting now, swollen and red, sinking towards a distant range of hills… Keep Reading

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The Adjoiners

Finally Colin was out the door. Andrea watched from the window to make sure he didn’t return, blaming a missing book or the need for a warmer coat. He’d been counting on a snow day, that’s why he’d been so difficult. It was a normal reaction, not “school refusal,” or whatever they’d called it last time. She’d have been equally disappointed this morning if the roads up to the Ogee National Park Visitor Center had confounded all predictions and remained passable. Colin had dwindled to a mote in a blinding field of snow by the time the whistling kettle forced her retreat to the kitchen. She set about making breakfast, all the while struggling to tamp down a rising joy. She could tell herself it was because she’d achieved this tiny triumph with Colin, but it wasn’t. It wasn’t the hours and hours of free time the snowfall had Keep Reading

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Morality Tale

The 22nd Century was the Age of Time Travel. The 23rd, the Age of FTL Drive. Mankind conquered time and space. In the 24th Century, travel to possible worlds opened. In the 26th, physically—then logically—impossible worlds became accessible. Unscrupulous banks and companies relocated ‘offshore’, to worlds where 1=0, for tax purposes. Modal derivatives markets, intended to stabilize markets by spreading risk over all possible worlds, triggered an intergalactic financial meltdown when the pool was expanded to include tranches of sub-possible ‘junk realities’, bundled together with AAA-rated worlds. But we survived. By this point, dear reader, the human race had changed in its essentials, past the point of recognition by the likes of you. But, for purposes of the story, go right on imagining I am talking about strong-jawed men in ships like long, silver cigars. By the 27th Century, thanatonauts reported back from the afterlife Keep Reading

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The Earth Explorer Ship Magellan pondered its precious cargo, the 795 robotic planetary probes nestled in the upper two-thirds of its depths, and its other passengers, the two biological life forms comatose in the cryo-sleep tubes. Magellan had completed the warp-jump from Earth to solar system 2241 in five years, six months, and 22 days.… Keep Reading

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The Glitch

Gliding, gliding, gliding into a mystery. At least I think we’re gliding. This thing is moving so slowly and steadily we could very well be still—-just hanging motionless in space, like an ornament on a vast, black Christmas tree. I can’t say I hate it here anymore. My emotions have gone by the wayside. I… Keep Reading

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Pilot of Varying Lights

Coffee in hand, Sam Knightlinger walked from station to station, listening to conversations between controllers and astronauts from sources as distant as Mars, the moon and Earth Island—the planet’s first permanent orbiting space colony. This new director of crew operations—, a man with short cropped black hair, rich black skin, and a calm manner— was… Keep Reading

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Do Not Disturb

DO NOT DISTURB A fireball roared past overhead just as Berens stumbled, almost falling to his knees. The hair on top of his head curled and crisped in the brief, blast-furnace heat. The fireball exploded far down the mountain path. The brief glare ahead outlined Kasparov in silhouette, the fluorescent letters IFAR big and bright… Keep Reading

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By the time I found her, she’d already removed one of her legs. Katherine gave me a weak smile, her eyes watering from pain despite how happy her self-amputations were making her, and continued sawing at the other. “I’m sorry,” she moaned over the sound of tearing flesh, her once-strong voice breaking. “I want this.… Keep Reading

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The Therapist and the Collider by Steven Mathes

THE THERAPIST AND THE COLLIDER Steven Mathes After years of traveling the back alleys of consciousness and logic, years of pulling the strings of pattern, years of squeezing through tunnels of paradox, my search for our only hope succeeds. The hut perches high in an ordinary mountainous guru neighborhood, and for me the door is… Keep Reading

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Shopping Centers by Karin Terebessy

SHOPPING CENTERS Karin Terebessy Dave leaned heavily on the display case. His nose so close to the glass he could smell his breath wafting back to him. Frozen yogurt. And beneath that, tacos. He jabbed a stubby finger down at the case. “What about that one?” The man behind the counter sighed. “Sir,” he implored… Keep Reading

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