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Here you can find all of the stories that have been published on the SPJ website.

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Cottage in the Woods by Gisele Peterson

COTTAGE IN THE WOODS Gisele Peterson If the recently unsealed court records are accurate, public opinion of the Eberstark siblings’ virtue may change. Hansel and Gretel Eberstark and the media have depicted Sibyl Smythe as an evil ugly witch, but her testimony, taken from the recently released transcripts, presented below show that justice may not… Keep Reading

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Empty Vessels by David O'Donoghue

EMPTY VESSELS David O’Donoghue Gary listened to the orchestra of the checkout line- the steady beep of the scanner, the insect chatter of unfurling bags, the percussion of wine bottles thudding down on the conveyor belt- and he had a decision to make. It wasn’t quite the life-or-death choice he had faced a few minutes… Keep Reading

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The Experiment by Robby Charter

THE EXPERIMENT Robby Charters So, there you are, a failure before you even start, in a lose-lose situation. How did you get yourself into this mess to begin with? Oh, that’s right, the I can do it thing. All that “I am a success–I am a success…” all that talking into the mirror–and who was… Keep Reading

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A Report on the Curious Culture and Religion of the Acirema

Dear Sirs, Mesdames, Glooquot1,and Mechaniqa2: I submit herewith my xenological report on the most curious culture to inhabit planet 73SXB1089, called in the major local language, Dirt. The most powerful economic and military culture on the planet is that of the Acirema, who have evolved a religio-political system that I believe to be unprecedented in… Keep Reading

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Shades of Unreality by Cynthia Sally Haggard

SHADES OF UNREALITY Cynthia Sally Haggard Lady Cecylee Neville (1415-1495) was born a few months before King Henry V’s glorious victory at Agincourt. When she was nine years old, she was betrothed to Richard, Duke of York, a cousin to King Henry VI. Eventually, Cecylee became the mother of thirteen children, including Edward IV and… Keep Reading

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The Marmalade Continuum by Treesong

THE MARMALADE CONTINUUM Treesong It was the body of a young woman, possibly in her twenties, though the exact age was difficult to determine given her current state. She was completely naked and covered from head to toe in a viscous orange substance that left a sweet citrus scent lingering in the air. Her strawberry… Keep Reading

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The Salvation Complication by Edd Vick

THE SALVATION COMPLICATION Edd Vick So this beanpole walks into the bar, says “I’m the buyer, I just bought the Earth and I’m checking it out.” And I say “So how do you like it so far?” Remember, and I’m saying this to you and not to the guy, remember I’ve had a few, well… Keep Reading

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En Soleil by Arlan Andrews Sr.

EN SOLEIL Arlan Andrews, Sr. I wash the dusty feet of Jesus; I wipe His Mother’s furrowed brow. Under the bright lights of the museum’s mobile maintenance cart, my careful inspection of the statue reveals that Michaelango’s Pieta is none the worse for wear. I think, Miraculously, they’ve even repaired the hammer damage, almost out… Keep Reading

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A Matter of Mass by Floris M. Kleijne

A MATTER OF MASS Floris M. Kleijne “Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. It’s been…” Father Zio sighed. “It’s been thirteen years since my last IRL confession.” Behind the lattice, Bishop Otis shifted in his seat. “But—” the Bishop said. He paused before continuing: “And how long has it been since your last online… Keep Reading

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Fermi-bot Frontier by Chris Phillips

FERMI-BOT FRONTIER Chris Phillips A static voice in Curt’s ear said, “A light’s busted on level seventy-two. Get it sorted.” It might have been Peggy, but he wasn’t sure anymore. The further out the ship traveled, the more its voices blended. “It’s Thursday,” Curt said, at least he thought it was. Without night and day… Keep Reading

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Permutations of the Soul by Melanie Rees

PERMUTATIONS OF THE SOUL Melanie Rees Yesterday the number of millionaires peaked across the nation. The chance of the average person achieving everything they ever dreamed of was… well, it was very high. No doubt, the Fortune Teller knew the exact probability. But the man about to interview me wasn’t a millionaire. His fortune was… Keep Reading

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