Revisiting Isaac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy

Originally serialized in Astounding Magazine during the 1940s, Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series is one of his most widely known works. Yet, many of the people I’ve come across have never heard of Foundation. Instead, they are familiar with his robot stories. Perhaps the Keep Reading

From Inside Out: Seeking a Dialogue Between Writers

Today's Sci Phi Journal takes the unusual step of publishing two radically different stories alongside each other. We presented them together because they represent divergent views about human nature. Karen Ovér's "Lazlo and Laroux" is a fantasy involving dragons, but her underlying position is that life would be blissful were it not for a tiny minority who spoil the world for the rest of us. Patrick S. Baker's "Red Vet" is a gritty alternate history that Keep Reading

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Lazlo and Laroux

"No more coal for the boiler—it's all gone! No more oil for the burner—it's all gone! Dragons charged up in the sun—come get one! You'll get hiss hiss hisssss STEAM HEAT!" I'd waited so many years to turn on a television again. When there were hundreds of channels blaring day and night, I never watched. Now we have only one channel. You'd think people would get bored with it, but they watch just to see my commercial. To see the dragons dance. Who knew? But I gotta tell you, when they spread their wings and claws, it gives you a whole new appreciation of jazz hands. The first time I saw Laroux and the Leaping Lizards perform Cell Block Tango, I Keep Reading

Paper Magazine Now Available

Printing on paper is an old technology, but the final product has various advantages over modern alternatives. The interface of a magazine is both simple and intuitive, and you never need to worry about recharging a magazine’s battery. So whilst I think the future will see more people having electronic magazines delivered to their tablet, I also respect those of you who want to hold a printed copy of Sci Phi Journal in your hands. You can now order a paper version of the Sci Phi Journal Q3 2017 Digest from Createspace, the popular print-on-demand service. Customers will receive 120 pages of stories and articles, including our digest-only exclusives, for just twelve bucks (or its equivalent in Pounds or Euros) plus postage. And those who have subscribed will enjoy an even better deal Keep Reading

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Coming Home

“Houston, we have a problem.” A phrase so infamous, so ingrained in people’s minds, that it was practically impossible to utter anything else when something went wrong up in the unforgiving black. NASA hated it, for a number of reasons. First and foremost, obviously, because it meant something had gone wrong and they were about… Keep Reading

Exclusive Content in New Quarterly Digest

Subscribers to Sci Phi Journal can look forward to receiving their quarterly digests soon. The Q3 digest contains every story and article published on the website during July, August and September, plus two exclusive pieces that will not be found anywhere else: a humorous short story by Hakim Akayour, entitled “The Department of Un-X-Pected Affairs”;… Keep Reading

The Time Traveller’s Perspective

In my last article about the Doctor Who universe, I asked the question “What is the point of Time Travel in an Eternalist universe where nothing can be changed because everything has already happened?” I wanted to briefly discuss one possible answer. I mentioned in that article that the only way the Weeping Angels could… Keep Reading

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