Ideas for a name for interview segments?

I’ve spent a good chunk of the weekend recording short interview segments with many of the contributors for Sci Phi Journal #3. I’m at a bit of a loss for what to call the segment and I posted the question to the Sci Phi Journal Discussion group on Facebook and have gotten some interesting suggestions.
Do any strike your fancy? do you have any of your own?
The purpose is to describe short 5ish minute interviews with the contributors that ask 3 questions. “Who are you?”, “Where did you get the idea for your contribution” and “Where can we find more of your stuff?”, though not usually phrased that generically.

  1. Behind the Curtain
  2. Meet the Contributors
  3. Interviews with the Authors
  4. Signs of Intelligent Life
  5. First Contacts
  6. The Droids You’re Looking For
  7. 42 …. and Counting
  8. Meet Your Makers
  9. Contributor’s Roll call
  10. Writer’s sound off
  11. Who are you and why did you come here?

There is a possibility this could become an ongoing podcast if they work. It is all still a bit of an experiment at the moment.


  1. I really like “Meet Your Makers” “First Contacts” Behind the Curtain” and “”Signs of Intelligent Life”.

  2. I like “signs of intelligent life” and I offer these:
    Air Waves
    Star Bores
    Writer Bytes

Feel free to leave a comment

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