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I’ve been working through submitted stories. My apologies i’m a little behind but I expect to get through the pile around about Christmas time, i’ve got a bit of leave so it will give me a chance to catch up. Thanks for your patience.
I also really need to sell more magazines for this to continue to be viable so if you need a Christmas present? Or if you have any suggestions or can help with the odd bit of promotion I would really appreciate it. Particularly if you are submitting material. The magazine will exist if it becomes viable so anything you can do to help spread the word a bit will increase the chances it will survive and I can keep buying stories and articles.


    • Hi Joseph,
      Not yet, if the magazine reaches the point of being self sustaining I am planning to organize that but while it is still a month to month affair I am reluctant to takes peoples money for something that might cease to exist before the subscription runs out.

  1. Since this is a monthly magazine, I wonder if you’ve considered going with a yearly subscription model. It sounds like something I would enjoy reading, but remembering to purchase is another matter. Or maybe you just have an email subscribe list so that people can get updates and be reminded that way?

    • I’ve looked at going with some sort of subscription approach but i’m reluctant to take money for subscriptions when the magazine is still shy of being viable.
      I think I will need an ISSN number to publish officially as a magazine which may be required for Amazon. Still, looking into it, and at the point the magazine is sufficiently viable to make subscription an option I will.
      Email list is a good idea though. Thanks Jill

  2. Have you put out a “call for papers” as it were? I used to be an editor at Wiley, and that was our strategy to get pieces for books in our “And Philosophy” series. To juice people, you might also propose a theme for stories, maybe an sf take on a classic philosophical conundrum or an idea such as the “zombie argument.” You could even make it topical, tying into a movie such as Interstellar. You could also post on reddit’s writing board and on various sf forums about the stories you want. You could also get some coverage from the SF blogs such as SF Signal ( and io9 (K. Tempest Bradford, in particular, who tweets at @tinytempest).

    • Thanks for the suggestions Stephen, I will start doing those. I’m working towards trying to do more topical issues, Issue 3 (due out soon) has something of a theme to it, at least for the stories.

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