Issue #3 is taking shape and other news

Sorry for being a bit slow on updates, Issue #3 is taking shape, I will release the ToC as soon as I finalize it and I have the initial image for the issue #3 cover from the amazing Cat Leonard who did that awesome cover from Issue #2 (which I will post a pic of as soon as I get it framed!).
One of our earlier contributors also suggested I consider a Kickstarter for funding some of the future issues. What do people think of that idea? Would you contribute? What would attract you to contribute in terms of rewards? Anybody have experience with this sort of thing and interested in lending a hand?
Also, submissions pile, read some more, should send some contact emails this week saying yay or nay, I expect to get the rest of it done over the Christmas break.


  1. Plasma Frequency tried a Kickstarter and it went nowhere, whereas Uncanny’s was a huge success. I think you may need a larger profile before you try it or have some serious weight, as Uncanny did, for its first issue. Perhaps you could try an anthology, such as Blackguards, but again that has some huge contributors.

  2. I think a kickstarter could work if your goal is modest. I know you needed a certain amount to keep things going, but it doesn’t need to all come through Kickstarter. You can ask less.

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