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fc,800x800,grass_greenThings are starting to proceed for Issue #8 and I am making good headway on the final read pile. Thank you everybody for your patience with out treacle slow submission process. I will be working on some more this week and I will be getting emails out to people with final answers as I have them. We will be launching a new feature next week, a weekly sneak preview of issues with stories and artwork. I’m also looking into different options for further advertising and ways of keeping the magazine going. If you do enjoy it please mention it to your friends and write a review on Amazon! Also, Like our facebook page and share it with your friends, every little bit helps.
Also, to help keep things going I’ve added a donate button on the right hand side. If you would like to kick a few dollars in to help keep things running the money will be put towards paying authors, any amount will help. The goal is to get to the point where this is unnecessary but while things are still growing any help would be greatly appreciated.
Finally, I will be attending Oz Comicon in Sydney on the 25/26th of September. I will be the guy is the snazzy new green Sci Phi Journal tshirt wandering around. On the off chance anybody who reads will be in Sydney shoot me an email so we can meet up!


Issue #4, Book Bombs and News

Issue #4 will be out tomorrow just in time for the weekend. I am really looking forward to this.
Nothing from Sci Phi made it onto the Hugo ballot, maybe next year!
Larry Correia has book bombed Issue #2 for the Sad Puppies story “On a Spiritual Plain” by Lou Antonelli.
I am behind on reviewing submissions but will be back to it at as soon as Issue #4 is out the door.

Submission processing continues!

A quick update on the pile of submissions I have. Tank you to everybody who has submitted and I got about half way through the pile over the break and will continue to dig away at it. I’ve sent out a bunch of emails with yes/nos and I believe I sent an update email to everybody who was still in the queue. If you didn’t receive one or the other please let me know, something might have fallen through the cracks.
A note on submissions, the quality has been good. If you are trying to decide between a story or an article, I am very short of articles so those go to the top of the reading list. Also, I have received a number of really sad stories. I have enjoyed them and they have had beautiful ideas and imagery but can somebody please submit some comedy? It looks a little unmanly to be misty eyed on the train!
Issue #4 is coming together and cover artist extraordinaire Cat Leonard has a spectacular portrait for the cover that is coming together. It reminded me of the cover of Time. If you like the Sci Phi covers and would like some of Cat’s work for your own covers let me know and I can put you in touch.
There will be more contributor interviews coming (next one due out later today!). Do you like them?
Someone asked about paper issues of #1 and #2. How many people would be interested in those? It could be arranged but time is limited and I wouldn’t want to delay the next issue. IF you like the idea of paper for Issue #1 and #2 would you be interested in helping proof it? I can be reached as always at

Sci Phi Journal #3, now in Paper!

A number of people asked about paper copies of Sci Phi and now for Issue #3 that is possible. You can get it right now from Create Space for $7.99 and it will be available from Amazon directly in a few days time. When it is released on Amazon I will make sure to allow the purchase of the Kindle edition via the matching program Amazon have.
So order yours today!
Still available as an Ebook from Amazon (Kindle), Castalia House (EPUB/MOBI) and Smashwords (EPUB, MOBI, PDF)

Issue #3 is taking shape and other news

Sorry for being a bit slow on updates, Issue #3 is taking shape, I will release the ToC as soon as I finalize it and I have the initial image for the issue #3 cover from the amazing Cat Leonard who did that awesome cover from Issue #2 (which I will post a pic of as soon as I get it framed!).
One of our earlier contributors also suggested I consider a Kickstarter for funding some of the future issues. What do people think of that idea? Would you contribute? What would attract you to contribute in terms of rewards? Anybody have experience with this sort of thing and interested in lending a hand?
Also, submissions pile, read some more, should send some contact emails this week saying yay or nay, I expect to get the rest of it done over the Christmas break.