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Issue #3 of Sci Phi is available now, just in the nick of time for Christmas. Paper copies are in the works and should be available early in the new year if all goes well.
This month we have,
Flash Fiction
When Things Go Wobbly by Gregg Chamberlain – A story of giant ants and unexpected results
Last Stand by E.J. Shumak – Another giant bug story, but this time a tale of loss and hope for the future
Idle Hands are the Devil’s Worship by Mark Andrew Edwards – A fun lesson in why curiosity isn’t always a good thing
Strange Matter by Brian Niemeier – What would do if the world kept ending and you were the only one who knew it?
Pathways by Liam Hogan – Life takes different paths, are we sure we are on the right one?
A Quadrillion Occupied Planets by Marc Anthony – What is the price of peace and is it worth paying?
Detritus by Jason Kimble – How do you live when your world gets shaken to its core?
An Alternative Ending by Saligrama K. Aithal – A look at another world and their differing customs
Philosophical Reflections on The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special by David Kyle Johnson – The title pretty much nails the content
A Deeper Rabbit Hole: Reconsidering the Philosophy of the Matrix Trilogy by Joseph Moore – Our first essay written in response to an earlier essay, and an interesting read
The Tyrants Headache by Eric Schwitzgebel – An interesting exploration of Functionalism and you will need to read it to find out what “anesthesia by genocide” is
Khan as Nietzschean Übermensch and as Moral Actor in “Space Seed” by Patrick S. Baker – More Star Trek, this time looking at Khan and Nietzsche
Our serial, Beyond the Mist by Ben Zwycky continues in this issue as well, with Chapters 4 & 5.
Finally we have a review of the Atopia Chronicle by Peter Sean Bradley.


  1. Yeah it isn’t up yet, but I figured I would get the post out and it would update during the day. I figured most people would be with family at the moment anyway. But I will post a note.

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