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I’m still working through the submissions, i’m about a month behind at this point and will strive to keep catching up. Also, after a review of financials, the magazine will be going to an issue every 2 months for the next 3 issues. So if I said your story will be in #5 or #6 then it will be May or July for the Issue, sorry about that. I will reevaluate the publishing rate after Issue #6 and see where things are at. Thank you to everybody who has been reviewing and helping promote the magazine, I can’t thank you enough.
If I got some A3 posters made up, would people be willing to post them at local comic book shops or games shops or cafes or anything that people think interested parties might see them? I’d pay for printing and shipping if people were interested.
Also, maybe I should take these tips for writing replies from professors from England.


  1. It’s obvious how hard you are working Jason and we all believe in you and this great concept (SciPhiJournal). I would be happy to post a few of the A3s. There is a Barnes and Noble as well as two Starbucks that I am sure would allow posting. Keep us advised as to how we can help out.

  2. Jason, if you can do a scan of smaller proportions (inkjet printer capable) and upload that to willing distributor of the poster, I could easily print my own copies for posting. Save you the printing and mailing costs….

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