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Some news and a joke

I’m still working through the submissions, i’m about a month behind at this point and will strive to keep catching up. Also, after a review of financials, the magazine will be going to an issue every 2 months for the next 3 issues. So if I said your story will be in #5 or #6… Keep Reading

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Avoiding the A.I Apocalypse from Talking Philosophy

Reader and hopefully soon to be contributor Gene gave us a tip on that perennial Sci Phi question, “How do I avoid the rise of the machines?” with Avoiding the AI Apocalypse #1: Don’t Enslave the Robots. The elimination of humanity by artificial intelligence(s) is a rather old theme in science fiction. In some cases,… Keep Reading

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Edward Feser on the Mind and the Body

Edward Feser has an interesting article called Progressive Materialization, it is interesting. In the Aristotelian-Thomistic (A-T) tradition, it is the intellect, rather than sentience, that marks the divide between the corporeal and the incorporeal. Hence A-T arguments against materialist theories of the mind tend to focus on conceptual thought rather than qualia (i.e. the subjective… Keep Reading

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