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So, Issue #5 is out and plans are moving forward on Issue #6. I hope people are still enjoying the magazine. If you do like it please write a review on Amazon and let your friends know. Submissions are also proceeding and I have a pile of first reader comments to go through and send a bunch of yea/nay emails. So that process should be speeding up. Thank you everybody for your patience.
Also, Cat has found an artist to work with and a comic will be forth coming. We aren’t sure what to do with that yet, include the comic as part of the issue itself or perhaps make it a stand alone title.
FInally, I was contacted by a teacher who expressed some interest in using Sci Phi material as part of his teaching, and I havve a quite a few great stories that will take some time to run in the magazine. Would people be interested in a Sci Phi Reader? A collection of stories with food for thoughts and some other material with the aim of it functioning as a textbook of some sort?

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