Double the Audience, Double the Fun

A month has passed since Jason Rennie stepped down as Editor-in-Chief of Sci Phi Journal, and it seems the publication still survives. That was the modest target I set when taking over, so I could claim success and end this editorial here. However, I have some other good news to share. During July SPJ received… Keep Reading

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Jeopardy ad Absurdum

The contamination of an innocent by an excised, malignant consciousness. The phrase popped into Weiss’ head as he drove to the Court. It had been expressed by Manning, his lawyer—his own lawyer—the day before. “You have to understand,” Manning had said, “there’s a subtext to this trial. It’s very unusual. Obviously. But the question is… Keep Reading

Time: The Final Frontier

Time is one element that exists in every story we read, watch, or hear. It is so ubiquitous that we fail to notice its existence, unless the narrative forces us to focus on it. But what about assumptions we make about the nature of Time itself? Assumptions like: Time is linear. We even have a… Keep Reading

Gravitas and Triviality

For fans of science fiction TV, there can be no doubt about the biggest news story this week: Martin Landau died. A brooding, serious actor who trained in method acting at the Actors Studio, Landau was perfectly cast as the stoic and humane Commander Koenig of Moonbase Alpha in Space 1999. After starring in Mission:… Keep Reading

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The day came when Amos walked out across the flats, and the brine pools were gone. He stopped and stared around him, through the thin slit in the fabric he had wrapped round his head to protect him from the sun.  It was setting now, swollen and red, sinking towards a distant range of hills… Keep Reading

Welcome to the New Sci Phi Journal

It is with pleasure that we reveal the new look of Sci Phi Journal, now presented on an all-new website running on a new host server. We hope you find the changes lead to an improved reading experience, with faster load times. The transition to the new SPJ required a slight interruption to the flow… Keep Reading

The Adjoiners

Finally Colin was out the door. Andrea watched from the window to make sure he didn’t return, blaming a missing book or the need for a warmer coat. He’d been counting on a snow day, that’s why he’d been so difficult. It was a normal reaction, not “school refusal,” or whatever they’d called it last time. She’d have been equally disappointed this morning if the roads up to the Ogee National Park Visitor Center had confounded all predictions and remained passable. Colin had dwindled to a mote in a blinding field of snow by the time the whistling kettle forced her retreat to the kitchen. She set about making breakfast, all the while struggling to tamp down a rising joy. She could tell herself it was because she’d achieved this tiny triumph with Colin, but it wasn’t. It wasn’t the hours and hours of free time the snowfall had Keep Reading

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