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The Return of the Monstrous Part 2 by DG Jones

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THE RETURN OF THE MONSTROUS PART 2: ALIEN RESURRECTION, AND THE MONSTROUS GAZE DG Jones In Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s Alien: Resurrection (1997), which understands and exploits the significance and power of the gaze, the link of abjection between the alien creature and the teratoma is made more explicit by providing the spectator with a speculative glimpse…

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The Return of the Monstrous Part 1 by DG Jones

in Fact & Opinion

THE RETURN OF THE MONSTROUS PART 1: THE EVOLUTION OF THE MONSTER DG Jones We’re obsessed with monsters. As individuals, and as cultures, monsters have always constituted a phenomenon that has run indiscriminately through the psyches of the world, satiating a human craving for dread and fear. Mutants, demi-gods and beasts pervade religion, creed, and…

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The Granddaughter Paradox by Séamus Sweeney

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THE GRANDDAUGHTER PARADOX Séamus Sweeney Chapter 1. Brendan McConnell’s morning began at 4.45 a.m. on a spring day in 2010. Between sleep and wakefulness for the whole night, as he realised the appointed time was nearing he willed himself fully awake. Penelope slept on beside him. When planning his actions that day, he had thought…

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