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Here you will find all the non-fiction articles published by SPJ, including articles and reviews about works of science fiction, developments in science, and their philosophical implications.

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The Return of the Monstrous Part 2 by DG Jones

THE RETURN OF THE MONSTROUS PART 2: ALIEN RESURRECTION, AND THE MONSTROUS GAZE DG Jones In Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s Alien: Resurrection (1997), which understands and exploits the significance and power of the gaze, the link of abjection between the alien creature and the teratoma is made more explicit by providing the spectator with a speculative glimpse… Keep Reading

The Return of the Monstrous Part 1 by DG Jones

THE RETURN OF THE MONSTROUS PART 1: THE EVOLUTION OF THE MONSTER DG Jones We’re obsessed with monsters. As individuals, and as cultures, monsters have always constituted a phenomenon that has run indiscriminately through the psyches of the world, satiating a human craving for dread and fear. Mutants, demi-gods and beasts pervade religion, creed, and… Keep Reading

Late Easter Thoughts: The Invention of Lying

If you haven’t seen The Invention of Lying, starring Ricky Gervais, I highly recommend it. It’s cleverly written, Gervais and his supporting cast are extremely talented, and it’s very funny. It’s set in a world where no one has the ability to lie. Everyone tells the truth, all the time. In fact, not only can… Keep Reading

On Confusing Science with Policy

A new series of opinion pieces on popular science and predicting the future begins by examining the arguments which propelled the recent 'March for Science'. If a solipsist cannot live his or her solipsism, do scientists really live by their scientific principles? Keep Reading

Faith and Hope and Charity: The Churches of Science-Fiction

Now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. And the greatest of these is love. I Corinthians 13:13. Every era has its popular villains. In the classical age, sorceresses and evil gods were popular foes of brave heroes. During the Cold War, faceless governments of fascists and communists (often interchangeably) provided the necessary cannon-fodder. However,… Keep Reading


So the new year continues to trundle along and things are progressing at Superversive Press and Sci Phi Journal. I’m actually making some progress on the slush pile. I know how ridiculously slow the process is is a source of frustration for people and i’ve decided at least for the next while that Sci Phi… Keep Reading


So, Superversive Press has had a big week with the initial release of Forbidden Thoughts and sci phi journal subscribers can expect to get a copy of that as a bonus shortly. It has been well received and is #1 in SFF Anthologies on Amazon. A print version is in the works and an audio… Keep Reading

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